3 Marketing stratagems which are a Go-To for your budding start-up

“Marketing” this very term seems to be very quotidian in today’s expeditiously evolving world. However, an effective marketing gimmick is always a need of the hour for a budding start-up. Selling a product via marketing is one thing and comprehensively selling loads of products via effective marketing, it’s a piece of art. From MLM schemes to TV ads every business has their own strategy, and this strategy can literally make it or break it. So, let’s have a look at a few marketing proposals which are a must, if you have a small business, a start-up or even a well-established company.

  1. Google AdWords: -

One of the most efficient ways of marketing in today’s digital world is Google AdWords. A report by ThePrint has predicted that by 2024 the rural population in India will be the majority using the internet. With this expanse of internet and eventually google, Google AdWords is essential. So, you can post your ads on the search window and the remittance is on the basis of pay per click. You can attach your video adverts before or after YouTube videos, your pictorial ads on relevant websites (besides the content of the website) and ads related to your services on the search engine itself. Besides all of this the payment varies according to order of precedence. This means that if you provide electrical appliance repair services and you want to display your ad as the first one after a user types in “Appliance repair” in the google search bar you have to pay more money. If used efficiently this ideation can turn the tables for an apparently struggling business.

2) Guerilla Marketing: -

A tried and tested method in the field of marketing and a veteran with respect to the other mentioned methods, Guerilla Marketing is a brain child of an absolute genius. This basically means promoting a product in an unorthodox, unconventional manner. This involves creative mindsets and the process of ideation is what is the heart of this blue-print. The focus point here is the idea, the more unique it is the more sales you are gonna get. With the world moving digital “Digital Guerilla Marketing” will also become relevant. This also relies on the emotional connection which the gimmick forms with the people. A very common example of Guerilla Marketing is McDonald’s painting a Zebra Crossing as a packet of their fries. The “Bounty” Paper Towels are also a concise portrayal of application of this stratagem. Even the “Dalda” Vanaspati Ghee had used this gimmick and created an utter monopoly in the Indian market.

3) Influencer Marketing: -

With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube being a rage with people; Influencer Marketing is bound to get bigger. This on the grass-root level involves showing, displaying, sharing (and eventually selling) details of the minutes of your product with the authentic audience of the influencer. The types of influencers are increasing by the minute, from lifestyle influencers to fitness influencers, from fashionistas, models to technical influencers the available options are certainly more than a store of Baskin and Robbins!! If you have a skin-care related start-up you may go for a lifestyle influencer. In case you have a chain of gyms, you may go for an athlete or a fitness influencer. This paycheck also depends on the audience of the influencer. An influencer with 3 million followers will definitely be paid more than someone with 300K followers who is in turn paid more than someone with 30K followers. However, this wide wing span of price ranges is essential as a small business cannot definitely afford to pay bountiful of cash. The following table shows a few influencers with an authentic fan base and the ones which you as an entrepreneur can definitely consider: -

To conclude I would quote, “With great marketing you can even sell a comb to a bald person”. This ingeminate I suppose well and truly sums up how effective a marketing stratagem is for the sales of your product. As an entrepreneur you just need to figure out what works for you and your brain child. And last but not the least for all the impresario “One great marketing plan and you are on a roll”.

Credit : Nikhil Patil — Team E-Cell ABV-IIITM Gwalior

The Entrepreneurship Club of ABV-IIITM Gwalior.